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280 Million Views Later, Will You Find 'Somebody to Love' at Chinawhite Henley?

Sigma Confirmed to Headline Chinawhite Henley 2023: Discover 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Chart-topping Duo

After captivating the world with their magnetic sound and accumulating a staggering 280 million views on their hit single "Nobody to Love", the thrilling British drum and bass duo, Sigma, is set to make waves at the Chinawhite Henley Music Festival on July 1st, 2023. The announcement of Sigma as the headline act has sent shockwaves of excitement through the music industry and fans alike. Known for their compelling, heart-stopping beats and awe-inspiring live performances, Sigma's scheduled appearance promises a spectacular summer event that will create unforgettable memories. As anticipation reaches fever-pitch, fans worldwide are awaiting an electrifying set, packed with the duo's biggest hits and the question that has stirred hearts around the globe - "Have you found somebody to love yet?" Prepare for an evening of rhythmic reverie, as the unstoppable duo brings the magic of their music to the Chinawhite Henley stage. This promises to be more than just a headline set - it's a chance to experience the sonic phenomenon that is Sigma in an atmosphere charged with their pulsating beats. While the world is eagerly waiting for the big day, let's take a look at ten things you might not know about this chart-topping duo.

  1. Sigma Met at University: Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie, who make up the duo Sigma, met at Leeds University. They were both studying music production and soon bonded over their shared interests.

  2. Sigma Is Not Their First Project Together: Before forming Sigma, Edwards and Lenzie were part of a DJ and production trio known as Nu: Breed.

  3. Signature Sound Wasn't Instant: Despite their current success, Sigma spent several years honing their signature drum and bass sound. They experimented with different genres and styles before achieving the unique mix they're known for today.

  4. Their Name Has Mathematical Roots: The name 'Sigma' comes from the Greek symbol Σ, which is used to represent the sum of a series of terms in mathematics. This signifies the amalgamation of their varied influences and sounds into their music.

  5. They Found Success on Their Own Terms: Sigma initially released music on their independent label, Life Recordings. Their breakout hit, "Nobody to Love," was initially a bootleg remix of Kanye West's "Bound 2," which they turned into an original song due to its popularity.

  6. Record-Breaking Achievements: Sigma are one of a few select acts who managed to achieve the feat of back-to-back Number 1 singles in the UK Charts with their hits "Nobody to Love" and "Changing."

  7. Sigma's Popular Collaborations: Over the years, Sigma has collaborated with a host of notable artists including Paloma Faith, Birdy, and Ella Henderson.

  8. "Nobody to Love" Almost Didn't Happen: Despite being one of their biggest hits, "Nobody to Love" was almost shelved. It was initially just a DJ tool for their sets, but when they saw the crowd's reaction, they decided to release it.

  9. Global Reach: Sigma's music has resonated worldwide. Their songs have been streamed billions of times, and they've performed at numerous international music festivals, establishing their global presence.

  10. Supporting Mental Health: Sigma are vocal supporters of mental health awareness. They've worked closely with charities to reduce stigma around mental health and have often used their platform to encourage open conversations on the subject.

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